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March 2nd, 2009

A Story About a Girl


The woman you see above is "Katelynn".  She is one of the cast members in this years "REAL WORLD: BROOKLYN".  I first discussed "Katelynn" a few weeks ago with one of my cousins.  The topic, ...well, I thought you'd never ask. 

Katelynn is a transgender individual, a "woman" ...who was once a male.  The discussion began with two questions. 

Let's begin with the first. 

When a man shows interest (hanging out, touching, kissing, etc.) in a woman like Katelynn, ...should the woman inform the male of her "prior" gender, and if yes...when?  

My opinion: 
If I was single (and I'm not, thanks babycakes!) and hanging out at a bar with a few "Dos Equis" in me, I would want to know if a "Katelynn" type aproached me.  It's not that I'm insecure or that I have a hate for people who make these choices, ....I just think it's unfair that a "woman" like Katelynn would take advantage of my "unknowingness" (not sure if that is a word...hmmm, oh well, you know what I mean).  A female like "Katelynn" obviously knows that her chances associating with a straight male like myself in a intimate way, is decreased if she divulges her "Born Identity" (no, not Matt Damon!, ...that's Bourne Identity!).  You see, "Katelynn" is holding back "truth", and if she is seriously trying to build a relationship, or for that matter "love", how can you start out that way?  Now, I bet you will say "Well, what if she's just wanting fun, and the guy is wasted from alcohol, ...it's his fault right? He should be aware, ...right?"  Well, let's analyze that.  I thought "men" in general get (expletive) for doing that very thing, ...taking advantage of one all "liquored up".  Is that not the same?  It definitely happens, ...but is it right?  I'll answer, ...NO, it is not.  Sure, a male or female should take some responsibility and control their state of mind...and their alcohol, but where does the other half of responsibility take place?  I'm not sure how I would go about it, but I think a female like Katelynn could honestly (and casually) mention her "prior" gender in a conversation.  I mean, females do it all the time when a "boyfriend" needs to be mentioned (Example:  Blane/  So, you remember that movie Mrs. Doubtfire?  Susie/  Oh, I love Robin Williams, I own it, and my "boyfriend" hates it when I pop that dvd in, ...why do you ask?  Blane/  Oh, nothing, I'll be right back, I'm getting paged, ...I'm a doctor).  Now, most likely Susie would not see Blane again (and we know damn well Blane is really a janitor *nothing wrong with janitors of course*), and a "Katelynn" would most likely not see ME again, but that's okay, because the playing field is now even and level (meaning, no mind *expletive* occurred).  With all this said, there is nothing wrong with having a conversation with a "Katelynn", because talking about generic subjects is just that, talking.

Let's talk about the second question that was brought up.  

If you rented a house with four unknown persons, would you want to know if a "Katelynn" was amongst your future roommates?  Should he....I mean, "she", tell you, and if yes, when?  

My opinion:
I discussed this with a long time friend of mine.  I explained that roommates have a responsibility to make their future roommates comfortable, stress free, and cooperative.  I think this would include a household free of ...tantrums, money issues, destruction, empty refrigerators, drugs, thrown laundry, life secrets (like past genders, diseases, sexual orientations, bad habits, multiple personalities, etc.), dirty dishes, accidents, unchecked mail, etc.  For me, being comfortable is key, you can't get a long with ANYONE if you are uncomfortable, no matter what the issue might be.  Finding out by accident, that my future roommate was once a male, would upset me because my roommate didn't respect me enough to make me feel comfortable, or for that matter, take into consideration how I would feel about the issue.  I mean, I would have given him...I mean, "her", the same respect or consideration,  let's say...If I had a bad venereal disease, or I went by the name of Dave, Bill, Tom, Bud, Chuck, Lilly, on different days depending on my identity preference for the day (then again, I would not remember which identity revealed the truth, if they even did!), or drank six 40's of Malt Liquor or more each day until I spewed left over t.v. dinners.  I know all skeletons don't necessarily need to be revealed, but I think big, life altering changes, can affect others and any harmony you and other roommates are trying to create.  In conclusion, I am just being honest, it would bother me ...but not destroy me, and wrong or right...that is just how I feel about it.  

How do you feel?



February 27th, 2009

If I could live one day in my life over and over, what day would it be?

Can anyone say "Groundhog Day"!  

"Don't drive angry...don't drive angry!".  If you've seen it, you remember the line, or at least remember Punxsutawney Phil.  Anyway, this romantic comedy did make you think about how you would go about your day knowing you would have that same day over and over again.  In one way, it's like eating your favorite dish over and over every night, ...you are ultimately going to hate your once favorite food.  So selecting the first "cool" thing you remember would be terrible.  In another way, you could alter specific parts of the day knowing you could have a fresh day...the very next day.  Huh? ...wait...okay, I am back on track, ...lost it there for a minute.  But with that, you would drive yourself crazy thinking up schemes and acting like a sleezeball every day.  So, as I mentioned before, this film made you think about that very question, what day would you live over and over again?  I'll try to sort it out and give a somewhat "simple" answer.  I think I would initially want to say the day I first experienced  "true love" or had a "sexual encounter", but that is more like an exhilarating moment.  I would then want to say the day I accomplished something meaningful, like a graduation, or the day my art piece was shown at the Arizona State Fair when I was kid, or when I nailed an interview and received a job.  Although those kind of things are memorable to me, I don't think I would be excited to relive those days ...because frankly...I'm not too excited about it now as I write about it.  Now, because I like sports, I could say I would live the day my sports team won, like the Arizona Diamondbacks miraculous 7th game win, or the day Sir Charles hit a shot to sink the San Antonio Spurs, or the day I actually saw my Arizona Cardinals win the NFC West, ...but again, I think I would be sitting at home after the 9th day I experienced it.  So, a final answer?  A serious one or a funny one?  Well, I think I have both.  With all that I have explained, I think I would do a super size combo meal, ...meaning I would pick a day where practically all my family and friends were alive and healthy, a day where I knew all four of the major sports were on, a moment where I had no hate and a lot of love inside myself, a day where I knew the food was "mwuah" and had five hundy in my pocket, a day where I felt my God's presence and gave a little shout out, a day where all the blockbuster movies were released, and lastly, ...a day where my hair was looking juuuuuust right.  I think that would be the day I would live over and over again.  If that got denied, ...well, ...I'd just take that "exhilarating sexual encounter" day.  Why not?            

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